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Receive 10% off your grooming if you are a senior or service person

You can trust Clip N' Dip Pet Grooming of Kennesaw, GA, a family owned and operated groomer since 1986, to help your puppy or cat get clean and look their best! We provide quality care for older pets, special needs pets, and puppies.

Whether your pet needs a trimming to stay cool in the summer or a spa day to help relieve stress, our groomers are prepared to help them.

Your pet experiences all of this during a grooming:

  • Toe nail clipping

  • Nail filing

  • Ear cleaning

  • Anal glands

  • Tooth brushing

Your pets will only be washed with the best in all natural shampoos from Groomer's Choice!

  • De-shed services

  • Hair dying

  • Nail painting

  • Embellishments

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Serving Cobb County for over 30 years

& family owned